Wax-it Histology Services Inc. Licensed for Pathogen and Toxin Import

VANCOUVER, BC (March 23, 2018) — Wax-it Histology Services, a Canadian-based preclinical histopathology contract research organization (CRO), is pleased to announce that its facility has acquired the Pathogen and Toxin Licence. This license will allow for the company to import:

Risk Group 2 Human Pathogen and Toxin Licence under section 18 of the Human and Toxins Act 


Risk Group 2 Terrestrial Animal Pathogen Permit under section 160 of the Health of Animals Regulations 

This license means that Wax-it Histology Services Inc can now accept tissue samples from companies that work with pathogens and toxins within these categories, ultimately broadening their immunohistochemistry capabilities. For now, the company will be using the license to import cell lines that will be used as a definitive positive and negative controls for immunohistochemistry. 

For more information regarding this license, please visit Government Canada's Human Pathogen and Toxins Act page. 

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About Wax-it Histology Services

Wax-it Histology Services is a privately held, GLP accredited contract research organization (CRO) that provides general histopathology (paraffin and frozen), immunohistochemistry (general IHC, antibody testing/validation, cross-reactivity studies), GLP and non-GLP histopathology for preclinical toxicology studies, and resin/plastic histopathology for implantable medical devices and bone. The company works with clients within the Drug Development, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Government, and Academic sectors. For more information, visit www.waxitinc.com.