Medical Device

Resin histology solutions for the testing and evaluation of implanted medical devices. Resin histology enables processing of hard implants while maintaining the interaction between the device and tissue. 


Since most devices differ in materials, our team will work with you to develop specific protocols for your study.

graphic image of resin

Resin Histology

Sample processing and sectioning with soft and hard resin (plastic).

Cutting & Grinding

For harder to section devices, the cutting & grinding technique is used to create 10 micron sections.

Histochemical Staining

From H&E, Masson’s Trichrome, Picrosirius Red, IHC, and more.

graphic image of a computer

Imaging & Quantification

Digital whole slide scanning for high resolution images and analysis for staining intensity, positive pixel count and more.

graphic image of a microscope


Evaluation from board certified pathologist for regulatory purposes and publishing.