Dr. Rebecca Rose Joins Wax-it Histology Services As Device Pathologist

VANCOUVER, BC (November 11, 2014) — Wax-it Histology Services, a leading Vancouver-based contract research organization that specializes in histopathology and immunohistochemistry for medical device applications, is pleased to welcome Dr. Rebecca Rose to its pathology team.

Dr. Rose, a board-certified veterinary pathologist, practices nationwide in both GLP and non-GLP environments, with a primary focus on preclinical trials for medical device and biomaterial applications. Dr. Rose brings over 22 years of preclinical device pathology specialization, and has held prominent positions at companies like Medtronic, where she served as Senior Principal Veterinary Pathologist for over 16 years. Dr. Rose has also contributed as Comparative Pathologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor and Consulting Pathologist at the University of Minnesota, and Comparative Pathologist and Principal at Rose Pathology Services, LLC.

As a self-proclaimed "sorter of things," Dr. Rose differentiates among the tissue response to the device, animal model complications, and spontaneous disease. She has worked on a wide range of tissues—from the heart to the gastrointestinal tract, and almost everything in between—with expertise in a wide range of studies, including heart failure models and intravascular devices, to name a few.

"Dr. Rose is a welcomed addition to our pathology team," says Dr. Aruna Somasiri, President and CEO of Wax-it Histology Services. "Dr. Rose brings a wealth of knowledge, and a unique skill set and perspective to our pathology team. Over the years, Dr. Rose has been at the forefront of innovation within world-class companies like Medtronic. I look forward to merging our capabilities to better serve our medical device clients," added Somasiri.

"I'm pleased to partner with Wax-it Histology Services, and I welcome the new devices and tissue interactions that will show up under my microscope," says Dr. Rebecca Rose. "I look forward to working with Wax-it Histology Services to provide its medical device clients with relevant, coherent, and timely information about the tissue response to their investigative question," added Dr. Rose.

About Wax-it Histology Services

Wax-it Histology Services Inc., located on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, is a privately held, science-driven contract research organization (CRO) engaged in both GLP and non-GLP histology. In addition to special stains, immunohistochemistry, and routine paraffin histology for preclinical toxicology studies, Wax-it also offers specialized resin sectioning for soft and hard tissues, and implanted medical devices. Wax-it Histology Services works with clients in the medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, government, and academic sectors. For more information, visit www.waxitinc.com.