Biocom CRO Workshop: Dr. Aruna Somasiri on Utilization of IHC in Novel Biomarker Identification

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Aruna Somasiri, President, Wax-it Histology Services, has been invited to speak at the Biocom CRO workshop to share his expertise on using immunohistochemistry (IHC) to discover and analyze novel biomarkers. The Biocom CRO workshop will be held in San Diego on April 10, 2014 from 8AM to 10AM PST.

The Importance of IHC in Biomarker Analysis & Discovery

Biomarkers play an important role in preclinical studies, identifying potential drug targets, and preventing toxicities. IHC is critical in determining biomarker detection, localization, and semi-quantitative expression levels. Through multi-panel IHC testing, one can determine the expression of multiple biomarkers in a biopsied sample with a high level of sensitivity and specificity. Dr. Somasiri will expand on the topic of IHC and biomarker analysis and discovery during the Biocom CRO workshop in April.

Biocom CRO Workshop: Technologies for Discovering & Analyzing Novel Biomarkers

The Biocom CRO workshop will focus on strategies for discovering and analyzing novel biomarkers using three distinct technologies: immunohistochemical, bioanalytical, and genomic approaches. The full speaker panel for this workshop is as follows:
  • Aruna Somasiri, PhD. MBA: President, Wax-it Histology Services, Inc.
  • Dan Kassel, PhD: Founder and CEO, SciAnalytical
  • Jeffrey Shaman, Ph.D.: Business Development Lead, Translational Genomics, GeneWiz

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