Tissue Bank

At Wax-it Histology Services, our scientific staff draw on years of experience to identify the best tissue processing protocols to help our clients reach their research milestones. As a complement to our Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Services, we have full access to an in-house Tissue Bank and Tissue MicroArray bank.

Our in-house Tissue Bank – a collection of tissues from multiple species including mouse, rat, pig, rabbit, and monkey – allows us to identify proteins of interest in multiple tissues on a single slide, providing a truly macroscopic view of protein distribution, and a complete antibody cross-reactivity profile.

Our in-house Tissue MicroArray system permits rapid screening of potential tissue cross-reactivity. These Tissue MicroArrays incorporate multiple arrayed tissues from the same species into a single tissue block, which significantly reduces costs (as multiple tissues are stained on a single slide).

Applications available but not limited to

  • Control Tissues
  • Antibody Testing & Validation
  • Antibody Optimization
  • Protocol Development
  • Testing for newly developed antibodies
  • Generating IHC images for antibodies

Custom MicroArrays can be tailored to your specific needs. TissueMicroArrays are available for human tissues upon request.

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